Wednesday, 27 April 2011

3 Days till Start - The Plan!!

First of all, this blog is not being made for any monetary purposes, it is being made purely as a motivational technique used by marketers to help keep their mind on track, and their eyes on the goal. This is a personal blog and it will stay that way for the remainder of the 6 months.

My name is Logan Jukes, i am a 19yr old college student, and a part time internet marketer. 6 months ago, all of my focus was on Internet Marketing, but since discovering Forex Trading, i had kinda lost track and put all my attention on my trading venture. I was successful at trading Forex, and i could continue to make good profits, but that is not my plan! The plan is to squeeze into my old boots and carry on with my Internet Marketing ventures.

Starting the 1st of May, i am going to be working countless hours every day to reach a few simple goals, by doing a few different simple methods. I have plenty of money saved up from my few months of Trading Forex, but im not going to use any of that to aid my marketing success. In my Paypal account right now, i have $5! That $5 is going to be my starting capital.. Nothing more, nothing less! The reason for not using any of my own money to fund my venture is because i want to go back 2 years, when i first discovered IM and i had $0.00 in my pocket. I want to kick start that fiery ambition i had, and i know that using lots of money to help achieve that will not help. Im also doing it to prove all of the skeptics wrong, that you CAN make money online with as little as a few $$$ .. Stick around to see if i can back that statement up!

The time frame for this venture is 6 months! Why 6 months? Because i start University in 6 months, so i want to build up a residual income by then, so i do not have to work whilst im there, and i can focus on getting ripped, and partying, and girls ... and studying! Each month, my goal will change slightly, and i will increase my target daily earnings by $50. Below is an example of the plan im using, including my targets!

End of month 1, i want to be earning $50 per day!
End of month 2, i want to be earning $100 per day!
End of month 3, i want to be earning $150 per day!

So on, and so forth ...

The main goal is to have an income of $300 per day after 6 months, which is more than enough to help me experience University with no financial stresses.

To achieve my goals i will be using a few simple methods which i have picked up over the past couple years, starting of with freelance article writing. I plan to write articles for other marketers, to build up a few hundred dollars, then i will look to outsource the articles, and earn automated profits! Secondly, i want to create my own product and sell it (probably through clickbank) which again will give me automated income .. The product will be an e-book on how to earn big with GPT sites! Lastly, i plan to build at least 10 niche websites, and do basic SEO and link building strategies to help shoot them up the SERPS and hopefully to number 1. If i can get 10 websites, on a decent keyword up to number 1 on google, i will be sure to bring in a few dollars daily.

Combining those few methods, and probably a couple more along the way, i will hopefully reach my monthly targets and hopefully achieve my initial goals! I will update this blog every working day, with my daily earnings and what i did during the day. I will also be throwing in some personal stuff, to make it a more of a 'personal blog'

I hope you keep up with me, and maybe even copy me and hopefully move on to becoming a rich mo'fo like me :D